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Our fine teas, with the caffeine removed

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Barry's Decaffeinated Tea

Barry's Decaffeinated Tea is a blend of tea without the caffeine content for those concerned with their caffeine intake.... It is a refreshing high quality Barry's Tea blend that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day. Barry's Decaf Tea is 100% Natural 80 tea bags

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Mark T. Wendell Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea

A decaffeinated version of this delicately scented blend of large leaf black teas and oil of Bergamot. Renowned for its fragrance, this is the connoisseur’s favorite among scented teas. A great cup for those who want to avoid caffeine.

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Mark T. Wendell Decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea

This blend is made of several medium leaf teas from Ceylon. It has a robust and full-flavored taste with out the caffeine of regular black tea. Liquor is almost black in the cup.

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PG Tips Decaffeinated {UK}

PG Decaf is a quality blend of tea which uses the top two leaves and a bud for a great tasting Cuppa.

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Ty-Phoo Decaffeinated {UK}

Decaffeinated blend of the finest teas.

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